we are milktoast


Based out of Austin, TX, MMSK are a prairie gothic punkgrass quintet slinging neo-folk sounds with humor and spitfire. Rooted in vaudeville and queer sensibilities, their songs have bite, and they’ve been described as “ferocious” and “wild fun,” with “heartbreaking, intelligent lyrics.” Their wit will make you laugh, their voices will make you cry, and their connection will make your feet remember how to dance again.

Milktoast Millie & the Scabby Knees are led by the two founding members, Bridget Brewer and Jillian Summar. They play an assortment of instruments, from guitar to mandolin to percussion. They are joined by the talent of multi-instrumentalist Jared Robertson on banjo and guitar, Courtney Waldron on cello, and Cher T. on drums.